One great way to work from home is to become a virtual customer service or sales person. If you have a telephone, a computer and the gift of the gab this is a position for you. A lot of large brands now employ what is known as remote workers- that is working from the comfort of your own home. A number of advantages to them are that you are unlikely to get held up in traffic as you will have no commute to undertake. You trek to work will basically be from one room to your office based in another room. You will need to make sure you have a room that can be your office, as you will need to be away from any normal every-day distractions, like children and pets.

Working from home as a virtual customer service or sales person can earn you a great deal of commission on top of your normal hourly wage rate. It does tend to pay well, but you will need to put in the hour. So you have to be able to guarantee you have the time to put in for this role.

The way it works is that the brand you are working for will divert incoming calls to your home phone, so it would probably best if you had a second phone line installed if you do not already have one. This way you will not be causing inconvenience to anyone else living in your property with the phone line being busy all the time. You will take the call from the customer, or potential customer if you are in sales, listen to their request and should be able to act on their need. You will have the option of assistance from a supervisor, depending on how the company has set this up to work. This will depend on how you can get hold of the supervisor, be that by emailing the office, contacting the supervisor via a messenger service (MSN, Skype etc.) or even if it has been set up, transferring the call from your telephone to another extension phone number.

When you accept this kind of working from home position, you will undergo training as each company offering this will have their own set up and computer system for dealing with orders, queries etc. Most of this training can also be done online; either directly with other people in the same position as yourself or by you dialling into a training session, or maybe even watching some online demonstrations of the system and then taking some practice calls.

You will not be expected to take loads of calls immediately as you will need to refer to your training manuals or the online help sections whilst dealing with the client. Most will be understanding if you explain that you have just started and are new to the company, but are willing to help them if they don’t mind waiting while you just find the information needed.

Working from home as a telephone customer service or sales agent is a great way to earn a living and it will save you the commute and therefore the gas or public transport costs.