I have been thinking lately about our unemployment situation in the United States. I am willing to bet that most of the millions that are not employed, or underemployed would have never thought five years ago they would be in the situation they are in right now. In my blog, you will find helps and ideas to make your job hunting more successful. And I hope that it does help. But I wonder why the employers are not more proactive in hiring?

Do you sometimes feel that you continue to put out job applications, and busy networking, but yet no results? I would like to look at a simple analogy to help better understand how to move forward in your job search.

How about the Florida Gators Football Team? They were behind 14-10 against Tennessee in a game in the 2012, and then the second half came along and they were a different team. Or when they were behind 17-10 against Texas A&M this year. They came out the second half and changed some things and won 20-17. They did the same thing against LSU. They were behind 6-0 in the first half, but came back in the second half and won 14-6. When you are struggling with your job search and nothing seems to be working, regroup and come up with a different plan.

What kind of plan, you ask. How does a person regroup? What should you focus on? Well, that depends. Some things may work for some people while other things work for others.

What is working for you? What have you noticed that just wasn’t working, so you changed some things around? Or maybe, you just need a boost. A second wind in your confidence. What did you do to help you through the tough time? Or maybe, you are just trying to figure it all out and you don’t have any answers.

Well, share your story. Your journey. After all a problem well stated is half solved (Charles F. Kettering).

Looking forward to hearing the stories!