With unemployment rates still very high, many people are looking for jobs. There are also those who have completed their educations who are in the market for employment. Most people know that to find a job requires work. Here are three unique strategies to finding employment that have worked for many people.

1.Use social networking sites for their contacts
When you get the word around that you are looking for a job, you are greatly increasing your chances of finding one. It’s important to let everyone you know that you are in the market for employment. Even the postal worker, neighbor, or babysitter may know of a company that is looking for an employee with your qualifications. It’s also possible that they will think of your name and mention you if they hear someone talking about an open position. Needless to say, you only want to do this if you are already out of work, not if you are still working and just looking for a better or different position.
A popular website is LinkedIn. It has over 100 million professionals who are members, and many thousands of people have found employment through their contacts at this site. LinkedIn is a website that specifically allows professionals to keep in contact with others in their field. It is possible to reconnect with former colleagues, classmates, supervisors, and employers who may know of a job opening for you. Using this site allows you to expand your horizons to a far wider area than you could possibly reach by yourself. Also, jobs are listed on LinkedIn, and if you are a member you can access over 70,000 open positions all across the U.S. and internationally. In addition, recruiters search for job candidates on this site. Premium members have additional benefits, such as automated search alerts for jobs and more.

2. Approach job hunting as a job in itself
Those who are unemployed can find a job faster by approaching job hunting as a full-time job. This requires working eight hours a day looking for work rather than going to the office. Using this approach can help you find a job much faster. Don’t approach unemployment as a break, but as a time to be devoted to making contacts that will again put you back in the realm of the employed. It takes a lot of time to apply to jobs, take pre-interview tests and complete questionnaires, and to search for jobs online. It is very important to follow up an interview with a thank you note because a simple gesture like this one could be the detail that puts you over the top to be the one hired for the job.

3. Consider using online job resume services
There are some very effective job resume services that will send your resume to companies in your field, and some of them are inexpensive to use. Before signing up with one of these services, be sure to do some research to find if the service has positive reviews from those who have used it. Although many companies do actually reach recruiters and hiring managers at companies with your resume, there are many that just blindly send resumes to places not related to your skills and experience.