North London is home to the borough of High Barnet or Chipping Barnet as it is also known. It is primarily a suburb development only a mere 10 miles from Charing Cross and actually is recorded as hailing back to the 12th century. It is further recorded that way back in the 13th century there are entries of a thriving market place and even today the commercial tradition is still upheld creating job opportunities throughout the Barnet area.

On the public census survey of 2001 the economic activities in the area were brought together in the report, which highlighted that of a population of nearly 300,000 strong between the ages of 16 and 74. Over 68% were active in paid employment or full-time students. Very encouragingly it appeared that over 12% of the local population was registered as self-employed and this is one of the largest average proportions in any other Outer London boroughs. And likewise registered unemployment figures were relatively low compared to the previous decade. Jobs in Barnet and overall job vacancies are therefore quite readily available due to the apparent good job opportunities.

Even today Barnet residents seem to be engaged in four main areas of business, those being real estate, wholesale and retail, educational services and healthcare and social work. In previous years the Barnet Council had organized and run a Newly Qualified Teacher pool although for the forthcoming academic year this process will be handled directly by the schools themselves. All postings involving education will be duly advertised and announced in the local press as well as the Times Educational Supplement website.

Barnet Council has committed itself to equality policies and procedures to ensure available job vacancies are open to all applicants, including those with disabilities. Their priority is to create and promote jobs in Barnet and the surrounding areas for the benefit of the local population. The London Borough of Barnet has every intention of creating a more diverse and fair workplace and has adopted the Disability Symbol as a sign of its dedication to this matter. The Disability Symbol signifies various guidelines, such as treating all job applicants with a disability to be considered solely on their abilities.

For example there is a system in place that at a minimum of once a year disabled employees will be consulted and interview with respect to how their abilities can best be employed to everyone’s benefit and that their employment term continues successfully. Other areas of flexibility and understanding are policies introduced to allow job-sharing and flexible working hours. All of these areas of improvement are prominent advances on complete integration and satisfaction of the current workforce which lends to a positive environment all round, thus providing a good feeling in the Barnet job market.