One of the perhaps most well-known areas of East London is the town of Barking as it has been a popular commercial center providing jobs in Barking over the years and closely associated with Dagenham – again another center famous for its auto-mobile factory concentration. Greater London has a total of 35 main areas duly outlined in the London plan and it is without doubt an importance areas or resurgence and development. Barking Town Center itself and Barking Riverside are the two main areas that have recently been ear-marked for prominent regeneration thus creating many job opportunities and vacancies.

The local district council is fired up in its endeavors to provide sustainable employment for the local population and envisages working in close collaboration with a wide range of public agencies, local employers in both small and large companies, educational centers and of course the local volunteer groups. The prime motive is to encourage as many jobs in Barking as possible in the forthcoming future.

The council itself plays a very large part in employment opportunities as it does actually register as the largest local employer to date providing jobs in Barking town and the outlying areas. Although we are indeed in times of apparent crisis and cut-backs the Council is firmly committed to continue to recruit and create further job opportunities within the overall organization, from the highest level of management down to the ground floor level.

Barking Council likewise focuses hugely on encouraging recent school-leavers and the younger community in general to get started perhaps on their first taste of the big outside world and first earning capacity by introducing specialist apprenticeship schemes which should hopefully then lead to further permanent jobs in Barking itself.

Obviously the specific idea in mind is to lend supportive help to local businesses and drive forward with internal investment projects. For example the Council currently runs a funding program for those wishing to open up a new business locally. Yet again the focus and momentum is obviously working with local available partners to benefit from all the attention and potential growth which will no doubt take effect in the run up to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Barking and Dagenham have set up an informative website to provide assistance and guidance for anyone wishing for more information on jobs in Barking.

The education environment is considered to be a place of unique opportunity where local schools and training providers can inspire local residents – whether youngsters or adults- to further their education and better themselves in their current working environment also. A brand new Skills Center is being constructed in Barking Town which will provide 16-19 year olds with a wealth of information, tuition and guidance on all the new and up and coming opportunities they can grasp a hold of their own full advantage. Here they can identify Barking’s best job vacancies amongst other things.

The national services of government initiatives such as Jobcentre Plus, Job Shops and a wide-reaching network of community services that spread out over the entire borough are committed to helping people find jobs in Barnet, either first-time employment or re-insertion. They supply support with general paperwork, preparation of C.V.s and solid advice on how to approach a job interview for example. Training courses are organized and promoted to better prepare the younger generation looking for first-time employment and job vacancies. And indeed the more seasoned workers to keep them abreast of new procedures and further job opportunities.