Your family and friends rave about your crafting. They all love your home-made produce whatever it is you make. From cards, to jewelery and pottery, clothing or even edible items. You are the first point of call when someone needs an unusual or unique present for any occasion. It could be a wedding gift that you are asked to make or a wedding favor for a bridesmaid. Perhaps its a christening gift or just a birthday present. Whatever it is your skill and finished items impress those you know.

If this sounds like you, then are you aware you could actually be making money from this hobby? If not then read on as this could lead on to you making a living from this new venture. The first thing to do is get together a portfolio of past creations. As it will be mostly family and friends you have made the items for, getting hold of photographs of the items should not be too difficult. You could have a problem if what you make is edible like a cake! However, you will have had a photograph somewhere, be it when you had finished and before you handed it over or even by the recipient at the party it was to be used for.

Collect all the pictures together and then you are ready for the next part. If you want to make anything that is the same, just work out the cost of the material used in the item you have already created. This shouldn’t be too hard as you should have receipts from your purchases. Add in an amount for the labor (that is the length of time it took you to make, so work out how much you would charge for the time involved) and then add some on for your profit and this would be your final price for the item. You have started your little business to get you through these hard times when there are very little “real” jobs out there.

The next stage will take you a bit longer. You will need to upload the photographs to your computer and a photo sharing site like Photo bucket or -this will be needed soon. Once you have all the photographs into the correct place, you can then set yourself up on internet selling sites. The most common and successful ones to use would be and E-bay. These are easy to use. You will just need to register on the sites with a valid email address and you can set up a shop on them if needed too.

Listing your items is the next long step, but it will be worth it once you start selling. Make sure the photographs that you load are clear and show your products in a good light. You will likely get questions on the items you have listed.. Also if you have more than one item available, say so when making the listing. If you have 5 of one necklace available, put 5 items on the listing. It will sell each one at the same price.

This will soon hopefully take off as a small business and you should see the profit coming in.