Finding work through volunteering may sound like a lot of unpaid effort, however in this difficult period where there are more unemployed people than jobs, it would actually give you a great confidence boost. Potential employers also look upon candidates who have been involved in volunteering in a completely different light to those that have not. By giving your time to another person or cause- be that volunteering with the local church or for a larger organization or group. If you are passionate about animals, you could look at volunteering for an animal shelter. They are usually desperate for volunteer and something simple as exercising the animals to transporting to the veterinarian for non-urgent check-ups or neutering.

Any volunteering that you participate in will look fantastic on your resume, as it proves that you are pro-active and seek out your own things to try instead of sitting at home in front of the television. It is surprising the amount of opportunities there are to be had with volunteering. From something as simple as volunteering to clean the church once a week or twice a week. This shows not only your commitment to your faith, but to the fact you feel able to volunteer in this way. If you are not religious there are plenty of other ways you can volunteer. What about becoming a volunteer driver for older persons, taking them out to the malls or doing their shopping for them. You could even volunteer with your nearest Meals on Wheels service, delivering nice nutritious meals to those who are unable to prepare something themselves. Not only will this bring benefit to you as you go out into the community and volunteer instead of staying at home getting depressed through not working, but it also benefits the person you are visiting with the meal or driving out and about. You may even make a brand new friend, which should make you feel good about yourself.

Another great volunteering opportunity would be to join the Peace Corps. This will not only see you helping other people, but you will get the amazing experience of travelling to another country and offering foreigners the ability to learn all about the United States and its culture. This will also be the experience of learning about another country – its history and its culture. This is a great one for the younger volunteer if you have just graduated from university and have not been successful in finding employment straight away. Consider the Peace Corps as an alternative.

Volunteering is an enjoyable way to be active and help others. It always stands out on your resume and employers like to take on candidates who have volunteered or who are actively doing so at the time of offer. Not only this, but some volunteering work actually can lead onto full time or part time paid employment within the same organization you were volunteering for. Should a vacancy arise within the organization that requires knowledge of the systems they use, someone who is currently volunteering for them will be considered an ideal candidate.