Let’s talk about working from home in these times of economic distress. Everyone would love to do it, but not everyone can find the suitable opportunities to do so. It is even trickier if you have commitments at home; for example you have young children so you can’t work regular hours. This could make it hard to actually find the best job for you if you are trying to fit it round the school day and your children.

This is where direct selling comes in. Many companies will offer you the opportunity to work for them doing the direct selling- sometimes in the beauty industry. As this is usually focused around beauty products this is more likely to be a successful little business for females more than males. Mainly this is because when it comes to beauty products, ladies are more likely to buy from another female and definitely one that actually uses the products themselves.

Your first step is to contact the company itself and ask if there is an area that you can cover. This may not be just your immediate area and so you may need to go slightly further afield, which is not a problem if you have an automobile. Once you have spoken to the company itself, either directly to an area manager via the telephone, everything can be set up for you to begin. You will be given an area to cover, and a whole stack of brochures and stationary. Make sure you pop an order form in each brochure you are going to deliver; together with your contact details and the date you will be returning to collect the brochure and the order. Also make sure you know when the order will be delivered to yourself from the company and then you can calculate when you will be able to deliver any orders back to your customers. Remember this date should also be on the order form so they know when to expect it.

Go off with your brochures and deliver them. If you can, it would add a nice personal touch if you can introduce yourself when delivering the brochure and explain you are the new representative for this particular area. Would they like to take a brochure to look through and they will just need to leave it outside on the date you are returning if they will not be available to hand it back to yourself? If you can’t do this or people are not in when you deliver the brochure, try and include on the order form a little note explaining you are the new representative etc. It all just adds to the personal touch that is so appreciated.

After you have collected in all the brochures on the date you said, hopefully you will have a lot of orders. If your company’s products are well known and well liked you shouldn’t need to do a hard sell. Send your order off to the company as per their guidelines- either online or in paper form and remember to keep a control copy for yourself. You will then get a delivery containing your orders in about two weeks; sort this into the customers separate orders, as you will still have their order form so you know who ordered what; then take the items out to the customer. Collect their payment; hand over their items; and you have made your first sale. Providing you have a large enough area, or big orders from a few people, you should be able to make quite a bit of extra money this way to help provide extra income to the home and beat the current financial and employment sector crisis.